A fairy-filled warm colour party balloon scheme

A fairy-filled warm colour party balloon scheme

Today I would like to show you a fairy-filled balloon scene in warm colours. This arrangement is mainly based on balloon chains with a lot of dried flowers and the whole scene is particularly great. Next, I will give you an analysis of the work.

Balloon colours: red, soft pink, light purple, white, skin

Balloon size: 5" 10" 18" 36"


Firstly, let me explain the colours of this piece: The purple is white over light purple, the skin colour is white over skin colour, the dark pink is soft pink over red and the pink is white over soft pink, these colours are combined together to make this piece.


The finishing touch to this piece is the butterfly in the scene. The butterfly is also made from kt board, but the butterfly has three-dimensional wings, which are spread out. In fact, it is also on the back of the butterfly, with a knife cut, and then fold it up by hand, and then stick it with tape, and then stick it on the kt board will have this effect of course, and then stick the kt board on the kt board is the best use of foam glue, so it will be more solid some.

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