Birthday Balloon Arrangement - Premium Mori Colours

Birthday Balloon Arrangement - Premium Mori Colours

Today i wanna introduce a special balloon chain,which is a little more complicated, but very distinctive. And it is more suitable for the people who has rich experience with balloons. Firstly, the dark green of this piece is duck blue with black, the green is white over fruit green and the white is a single layer of white.I will explain more about this balloon chain.

Balloon Colour: Aqua Blue Black White Fruity Green

Balloon size: 5" 10" 18"

Size of each layer of the rainbow: there are six layers of the rainbow, the six layers are 22cm, 20cm, 18cm, 16cm, 14cm and 12cm respectively (with a special note that the 14,12cm are 5" balloons)

This is a half rainbow and half irregular arch put together. You need to prepare a PVC pipe about six and a half metres long to fix the rainbow, you need to play about 25 to 30 pairs, you must control its size when doing it, do not play more or less, just to half of the PVC pipe can be.

And like water duck blue this colour, including crystal wine red these two crystal colour are extremely easy to oxidation of the colour, so that we must be done after its work to spray a layer of balloon brightener or directly buy the car with the table wax will be cheaper, must be done on the spray, not that it oxidation after the spray, done on the spray. After that it will keep always the same kind of look as when it was done latest, if you say you spray it again after it oxidized, it will become very bad, even if it is very bright, but it will not have the same kind of look as when you started.

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