Birthday Balloon Party - Autumn Colours

Birthday Balloon Party - Autumn Colours

Autumn is also approaching, the autumn colour system has become the mainstream colour system again, so today we want to introduce you to a more foreign immersion of the autumn colour system birthday balloon layout, this is a bear birthday balloon layout with the autumn colour system as the background, whether it is a birthday or baby party are very suitable, and this scene is also particularly suitable for girls to go selfie punch card.

Here we continue with the balloon colours needed for this balloon set up as well as some of the detail points.

Balloon colour: skin colour, curry, gold, white

Balloon size: 5" 10" 18" 36"

Balloon style: latex balloon, clear bobble balloon

This is a birthday balloon arrangement with autumnal colours as the main colour scheme it comes in: single tier skin tone, single tier curry, and white over metallic gold. This is the balloon chain based balloon arrangement balloon chain practice, in this one work added a large number of bobble balls as well as props, and dried flowers. We must remember that when making the work, we must not only have balloons, but also props and helium floats, so as to make our work more upscale.

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