Birthday Balloon Scheme - Pearlescent Balloon Arrangement

Birthday Balloon Scheme - Pearlescent Balloon Arrangement

Recently i have done a lot of party decorations on the theme of autumn colours, so today i wanna try a different balloon layout, do a pearlescent colour scene layout and also specifically uesd a large bear the whole scene colour scheme looks particularly shiny and lovable. The following is an elaboration of this balloon layout scheme.

Balloon colours: pearlescent white, white, sky blue, soft pink
Balloon size: 5" 10" 18"

This is a pearlescent scene, built in pearlescent white over soft pink pearlescent white over sky blue and white together looks particularly dreamy and specially bought a big bear to make an irregular hot air balloon, making the whole scene look particularly magical.

First of all, many people will definitely see at first glance that this pearlised balloon chain has a carousel of irregular hot air balloons instead of a merry-go-round. Of course, not all balloons are filled with helium, which would be particularly costly. This is a string of ordinary balloon chains twisted into a circle and then topped up with 18" and 5" balls to add layers to the balloon and then dropped from the roof with fishing line, and then the three ribbons too, just for decoration. It's important to remember here that it has to be three ribbons so that it has more feeling.

The next thing is to use white, sky blue and pink balloons and then use the pearlescent white balloon cover to inflate the balloon in the form of a set of balls, pay particular attention to the inflation, because the pearlescent white itself is relatively hard so it may not be able to hit too big, so the maximum diameter of the 10-inch balloon inflation is 21 to 22 cm, so you should not play the balloon too big when making.

Life should be full of rituals, and I hope that all girls and boys can do something to enrich their lives.

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