Birthday Party Balloon Colour Scheme - Black & Pink

Birthday Party Balloon Colour Scheme - Black & Pink

Still worried about what colour to choose to match your birthday? Yellow, pink, green, black? There are so many colours that it's hard to choose the right one for a girls'  birthday party, so why not consider the options we have for you. Here's a birthday balloon set-up where black and pink collide together. The combination of macaron pink and hard black in this set-up really makes your birthday set-up stand out among all your friends.


The balloon colours and sizes required will be described below.

Balloon colour: black,macaron pink

Balloon size: 5”, 10”, 18”, 36”

Special Notes.

The colours of this piece are black and macaron pink, they are black cover black because the texture of black is better and black itself is a colour that absorbs heat and bursts easily, so the double layer of black also allows the balloons to stay longer, the pink is the macaron pink. One is particularly soft and one is particularly hard, the combination together is really super high class! The combination is superb. It's especially suitable for girls' birthday parties and will be ready right now.

This balloon chain has two special features, the first is the collision of colours, the second is that a lot of ribbons are placed in the balloon chain, these look like strips of cloth is formed by tying them together one by one to form a small pile of ribbons, and then use scissors to cut out a sense of height and length staggered, and then hang it on the balloon, so that the whole field will instantly become very stylish, but this ribbon pile should not be too much, or it will be counterproductive, so when you make the customers ,you must pay attention to it.

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