Brown Teddy Bear Party Decoration

Brown Teddy Bear Party Decoration

Spring is coming, are you ready to hold a party to welcome it? The combination of a teddy bear and a balloon arch will make a stunning party balloon decoration. But this balloon decoration requires a basic knowledge of balloon arch making.The next step is to explain the work to you.

Balloon colors: skin, white, black, brown

The colors in this piece are also used in sets of balloons in order to give the balloon an overall richer colour. The grey balloons in the piece are a combination of white balloons and black balloons. The brown balloon is then a single layer brown balloon, the white is also a single layer white balloon and the skin colour is also a single layer skin colour balloon.

Balloon sizes: 5" , 10", 18", 36"

Tips for making the irregular hot air balloon in the bear's hand.

  • Make an irregular balloon chain, joining it together from the beginning to the end, which will then form a circle.
  • Add balloons to the middle gap of the circle formed by the balloon arch. Note that this time the balloons are combined with the outer balloons using leather straps. And to make the irregularly suspended hot air balloon shown in the picture, you need to have room on the roof to hang the fish line. If you can't get a roof to hang the fish line, you won't be able to make the irregular hanging balloon.


How to give the balloon backdrop a layered look like the picture.

Firstly, you need to add 18" balloons above 35 and 6* 36" balloons. If you are new to ballooning, we suggest you follow the picture position to learn by reference firstly. This balloon wall of 36 inch balloons position, only add a particularly large number of large balloons, its sense of hierarchy, the sense of space will be strong.

Suggested scenarios

Baby shower, girls or boys 1st birthday, new baby party

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