Classic Christmas Balloon Colour Scheme

Classic Christmas Balloon Colour Scheme

Christmas is coming, are you ready for it? Today I'm going to teach you how to set up a Christmas themed balloon scene with a classic red, green and white colour scheme. Although the colours are particularly bright but not at all tacky, the whole scene looks particularly atmospheric. Next I will give you the main points of this layout.

Balloon colour: dark green, big red, black, white
Balloon size: 5" 10" 16"

First of all, let me tell you about the colour matching of this balloon, red is big red and black, dark green is dark green ➕ black, white is single layer of white, that's why the whole scene looks so strong in texture.

Details of the small Christmas tree.

Christmas tree balloon colour: dark green ➕ black

Christmas tree size: 22 20 18 16 17 12 10 8 (decreasing by 2 cm)

Note that 22cm 20cm 18cm 16cm are 10" balloons, 14cm 12cm 10cm 8cm are 5" balloons, one layer is 5 balloons.

For more on the Christmas scheme shopping experience, you can see the website :

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