Dried flower photo frame

Dried flower photo frame

Hey, have you ever received a gift that you really impressed?Do you think that flowers and photo frames are only separate gifts, but not together? Often you receive a lot of flowers for a particular holiday, but even though you take care of them, they wilt within a few days and you want to treasure the gift from the person who gave them, but you don't have any ideas.

Today we would like to introduce you to a new method and a new idea for gift giving. It is to combine dried flowers with a photo frame. Depending on the season, flowers can be dried and used as the main flower, with matching dandelions, sage grass etc. plants to give the frame an overall harmony and natural look. Using a special glue, carefully glue the flowers into the frame. Whenever you pick up the frame, you will once again recall the great moment for the person who gave you the gift.

If you don't quite know how to match them, more dried flower items for photo frames are on the website below. https://www.topballoonee.com/collections/personalized-gifts.We hope that you also keep the gift giver's gift well in mind and that you all receive an unforgettable gift in your life.

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