Halloween Balloon Decoration - Apricot

Halloween Balloon Decoration - Apricot

  Orange, purple, black and red as the main colours of Halloween, people tend to make the style is similar. In order to stand out in the Halloween balloon decoration, you can be bold and innovative, abandon the common colours.And you can adapt apricot colour for the scene configuration to create a very senior sense and easy to attract attention to the Halloween party scene. Here is a Halloween ideas that you can learn from.

  Materials required for the set-up as below:

  2* wooden rattan chairs, 2* skulls (gender specific, roses can be placed on female skulls), 2* long white candles, 10* white pillar candles, 3* flower bouquets, 1* KT board cut into giant skull shapes, 86*5" apricot balloons, 42*10" apricot balloons, 2*18" apricot latex balloons, 50*5" (cocoa with black colour), 40*10" (cocoa with black colour)

  We hope you too can make a special Halloween balloon chain.

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