St. Patrick's Day Balloon Decoration Scheme

St. Patrick's Day Balloon Decoration Scheme

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner and are you ready to get your green kit on? To join the parade, you need good clothes and hats, but of course you can't forget the nice balloon decorations. For this, we have created a special balloon kit. We'll explain the work in more detail.

Balloon colors: grass green, dark green, white, gold confetti, chrome gold

Balloon size: 10"

This 2022 St Patrick's Day balloon set is intended to give a fresh and clean overall look with simple latex balloons. If you have an area of your home with large white walls, try to choose this combination of bright and dark colors. The dark green and chrome gold colors are used as balloon arch accents and you only need to use about 10 of each colour. The two colors white and grass green, on the other hand, require a little more and together they become the main colors of the balloon chain. Try to decorate the dessert table with reference to the colors of the balloons used so that the overall effect is more harmonious.

Special note: the balloon light strings on the picture are only put on for a short period of time for the sake of the picture texture, do not imitate them or the balloons will easily overheat and break.

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