Wedding Balloon Matching Ideas - Blue colour

Wedding Balloon Matching Ideas - Blue colour

 Blue is usually the most common colour used for weddings. It works well with outdoor weddings, as the blue balloon chains are closer to the colour of the sky, which tends to make the whole space of the wedding setting appear more expansive and also gives a very comfortable feeling to the guests.

 The blue wedding theme tends to require a lower level of balloon chains and is easy to get started on your own. Firstly, blue weddings are not limited to the wedding setting venue, if held indoors, it is recommended that the overall blue balloon chain is placed in front of a white backdrop to more easily bring out a sense of gentleness. While outdoors, it is recommended to place the balloon chain in a place with large trees for shade, this is to avoid the balloons bursting due to overheating from direct sunlight. And due to oxidation, the best results are achieved by setting up 2-3 hours before the opening of the wedding, when the balloon colour can achieve its best look of clarity. Balloon sizes of 5" and 10" can be used, grey and macaron blue can be used, two similar colours can make the overall balloon chain more effective. The funky link can be made by referring to the picture above.

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