Wedding Balloon Matching Ideas - Pink colour

Wedding Balloon Matching Ideas - Pink colour

  Pink is usually the colour of choice for young girls' weddings, and macaron pink balloons tend to remind people of the youthfulness of first love and the romantic atmosphere of love time together, while macaron yellow tends to make people feel lively, jumpy and more confident in the happiness of future life. And the mature wine red colour symbolises a girl's transition from youthfulness to maturity. This is another balloon chain decor choice for girls that combines these three colours as above.

This balloon chain is very simple to arrange and the materials needed to make it are listed in detail as below.

Balloons: wine red latex balloons(30*5", 40*10")

                macaron yellow latex balloons(18*5", 22*10", 1*18")

                macaron pink latex balloons (12*5", 30*10", 1*18")

                clear bubble balloons(3*10”)

Balloon tools: 1*dot glue tape,1*tying tool,1* balloon arch tape,1*white ribboon,1*balloon pump

We hope to give each girl a little idea for her wedding and let each girl shine on her own wedding day.

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