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DIY Garland Balloon With Purple White Blue Chrome Metallic Latex Balloons Perfect for Frozen Birthday Party Baby Shower Winter Wonderland Party Decorations Christmas Party. (Purple White Blue)

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  • These balloons are strung together to chain. It’s good decor at your party anywhere. Made for party or important occasions. Let you have a unforgettable and amazing memory.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 12 in Snowflake balloons(10 pcs);12 in Pearl blue balloons (25 pcs); 12 in Matte blue balloons (25 pcs); 12 in Pearl white balloons (25 pcs); 12 in Matte white balloons (25 pcs); 3 x ice(silver); 3 x ice(blue);1 roll of dot glue,1 roll of silver ribbon,16.4ft balloon strip.
  • NOTICE: In order to save cots. You can air them up. Then put one or more balloon in one hole of the plastic chain. Controlling the size of each balloon to form a excellent balloon garland. Hang them on anywhere. You can cut balloon chain to achieve your satisfaction forming any shape to match your themed party.
  • Perfect for Birthday Party Bridal Baby Shower Engagement Wedding Party and corporate events, this garland can be assembled and placed indoors or outdoors.

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Care Instructions

1.Do not overfill the balloon to avoid popping.

2.And also avoid direct sunlight and sharp materials.