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Balloons Birthday Kit,Baby Shower Brown Party Decorations Arch for Girls First Picnic Garden Deco,Baby Chocolate Baloons,Summer Decorations, Topballoonee (180 Pack)

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🎈180 PCS LATEX BALLOONS+4 BALLOON TOOLS:The birthday kit contains 85 * 5" latex balloons( 10* chocolate brown, 30* apricot, 45* matte white); 90 * 10" latex balloons (30* chocolate brown, 30* apricot, 30* matte white); 5 * 18" latex balloons (2* apricot, 3* matte white), 1* tying tool, 1* dot glue tape, 1* 16ft long balloon arch tape, 1* 10m white ribbon.

🎈CUSTOMISED CARAMEL COLOUR BALLOON SET: This brown party decorations are extremely well matched, using lighter colours of white and apricot to collide with darker colours of coffee, giving the balloon arch an overall natural transition and creating an overall sweet atmosphere that will allow girls to enjoy their moments as castle princesses.

🎈HOW TO DO A BALLOON ARCH:1.Get the tied balloons and balloon arch tape ready 2.Place the balloon knot in the larger hole3.Move the knot one to the smaller hole and put another balloon to the larger hole 4.Stick the dot glue between the both balloons' surface 5.Dot glue cover

🎈SAFETY TIPS:Do not overfill the balloon to avoid it popping.And also avoid direct sunlight and get away with the sharp materials.And if you have any question about the balloon set, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Hope that give you a happy time.

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Care Instructions

1.Do not overfill the balloon to avoid popping.

2.And also avoid direct sunlight and sharp materials.