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Golden Star Balloon Metal Star Aluminum Foil Balloon Birthday Balloon Golden Star Cone Balloon Star Wars Balloon Starburst Balloon Pointed Balloon is suitable for decoration of business activities for birthday graduation (50 pieces)

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[high quality STAR BALLOON] hold a shiny party! The golden star balloon is made of aluminum foil. The durable material makes the star aluminum foil balloon look shiny and exquisite. These Star Wars balloons are reusable, strong and difficult to eject. Aluminum foil balloons are self sealing, which can keep their shape for weeks without air leakage and maintain the happy atmosphere of the party.
[shining exploding star] create shining and cool party decorations for you! Golden Star metal balloon includes golden conical metal balloon 45.72cm * 127.72cm, ribbon 9.82cm * 1, straw * 1. The assembly is simple. You can assemble 12 or 10 conical balloons into explosive star balloons. About four pointed balloons 26 inches (66 cm) can be assembled into a star balloon metal suit. Parent-child DIY is more interesting! [perfect party decoration] decorate your birthday party with exploding star balloons. Seems to have entered interstellar space. Balloon suit will make your party more cool and charming. These neon balloons are very cool and make your party look more ceremonial and upscale. Shiny gold foil metal balloons are perfect for birthdays, baby parties, singles parties, graduations, engagements, opening events, Christmas parties and new year's parties.
[various decoration methods] the large aluminum foil star balloon can add a sense of fashion to your party and make it more charming. Neon balloons can be hung or decorated on the party background. Or put it directly on the ground for decoration. Shiny foil balloons are perfect for birthdays, baby parties, bachelor parties, graduations, engagements, opening events, Christmas parties and new year's parties.
[100% satisfaction guarantee] we are full of confidence in the quality of this gold foil balloon star. If you are not satisfied with the product quality, we always promise a 100% refund guarantee. 

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Care Instructions

1.Do not overfill the balloon to avoid popping.

2.And also avoid direct sunlight and sharp materials.