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Marble Agate Balloon 6 Pieces 20" 4D Aluminum Foil Balloon

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Material: These large 4D balloons are made of high-quality polyester film, which will bring you a fantastic birthday party and leave unforgettable memories.
Size: Each polyester film birthday balloon is about 55.88 cm before inflation and 39.88 cm after inflation. Six aluminum foil birthday balloons are enough to add unique colors to your birthday party.
Design: The marble pattern is inspired by the marble agate vortex pattern, and the combination of 4D agate balloon and marble agate vortex pattern makes this 4D balloon more unique.
NOTE: Floating round aluminum foil balloon needs helium. Happy Birthday aluminum foil round balloon can seal itself after inflation, without additional operation. Blow out air when not in use, and then you can reuse it many times.
Party decoration: Beautiful 4D aluminum foil balloons are brightly colored, making your party more memorable. This is the perfect decoration for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, graduations or other parties.

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Care Instructions

1.Do not overfill the balloon to avoid popping.

2.And also avoid direct sunlight and sharp materials.